AtlantaREsourceguide recommends: A free, feature-rich photo editing software for somewhat advanced users.
PDF writer Need to make a PDF? Use this free program. As easy as switching to another printer.
Picture Resizer Need to resize photos for the web or email? This free program will help you.
Picture Editor Need to make additional edits? This on-line program will help you (no download necessary).
FEMA Flood Maps view maps and make "FIRMettes" free of charge.
Download FEMA's Google Earth Plug-ins to see flood plain overlays in Google Earth.

Our Mission

Much of the information that people pay hundreds even thousands of dollars to subscription services for you can get for free on the web-if you know where to find it. But who has the time to dig through all of those pages and learn all those different systems? At we do the leg-work for you, take you directly to what you need, and tell you what you need to know to use it, putting the best free on-line resources at your fingertips-all at no cost to you. We also provide information on pay sites so you can determine which is the best for your needs and, if you have to spend money, spend it wisely. (more info on pay sites coming soon!)

What You Can Find

Mapping/property information: Most counties have Geographic Information Systems (GIS) available to the public, which provide information such as property ownership, sales, and tax records, plats, aerial imagery, and more. Some even have such features as topographical information and the ability to run searches for comparables.

Demographic Data: Find information on household income, age groups, even average commutes and costs of living in different areas.

Traffic Counts: Use interactive maps to get numbers from traffic counters.

Zoning Ordinances: All the info you need to answer your questions and make the deal go through.

Listing services Info...and More!

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